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SportMind app is developed by sport psychologist to help you prepare mentally to trainings and races. It contains audio trainings you can listen to anytime you need them. Other features, like own recordings and diary can also help you achieve your personal best.

SportMind can help you with the following topics:

About us

We, the founders and developers of SportMind are psychologists specialized in sportpsychology. In our practice we help athletes to bring out the best from themselves during their trainings and competitions.

This application permits us to provide the various techniques of sport and performance psychology to those athletes with whom we are not in direct contact. Anyway, if you feel that you need more support, you can always reach us for assistance.

Gyöngyi Nagy

I have competed for almost 10 years as a long distance and OCR runner. The challenges these sports have teached me to put in practice a lot of techniques that I have learnt. They helped me be more tough mentally. I am happy to share these experiences in my praxis with my athletes and now in the development of this app.

Luca Michaletzky

I have sailed competitively for years, later I worked as a children’s sailing coach. As a sport psychologist my aim is to unfold and develop in cooperation with athletes the potentials underlying in them. I enjoy mostly, that using very simple techniques or clarifying some doubts can lead to instant success.


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