Would you like to surprise your loved ones with something smart and thoughtful? Wouldn’t be great to contribute to their SELF-IMPROVEMENT?  

SportMind App gift card is the perfect choice, not only for sport lovers! Mental training is an efficient tool, which would assist anyone achieving their personal best, not only by enhancing their sport performance but also guiding them through their everyday activities! Do not miss the opportunity to surprise yourself or your loved ones!

SportMind App provides you with motivating and supporting audio files for an entire year. It helps you to relax, to regenerate, but also to stay focused in your workflow. Gives you inspiration for your daily challenges.  Improves your imagination, which is essential for every mental training technique.  SportMind prepares you for challenges and competitions. It helps you to start your day and shows you how to evaluate it in the evening. Reminds you to be grateful to yourself and to everyone who supported you. It makes you more conscious by keeping a daily log and supports you with various functions.

The Best Gift idea is to offer the opportunity of Self-improvement!

SportMind App is developed by sport psychologists and it is based on mental training techniques. The audio files are uniquely designed to support you in both your highest ambitions as well as your everyday life challenges.  You can read more about it here.

How to get a gift card?

A gift card for a yearly PRO subscription is 59€, write us an email (sportmindapp@gmail.com) and we send you the further instructions!