We, the founders and developers of SportMind are psychologists specialized in sport psychology. In our practice we help athletes to bring out the best in themselves during their trainings and competitions.
Through this application we can provide various techniques of sport and performance psychology to those athletes we are not in direct contact with. Anyway, if you feel that you need further assistance, you can always reach out to us.

Luca Michaletzky

I used to practice a lot of sports as a hobby, but the water sports are my favorite. I have sailed competitively for years on national and international waters, as a crewmember of smaller and bigger teams. Later I worked as a coach teaching sailing to children. As a sport psychologist my aim is to discover and develop my athletes’ potentials with their active cooperation. I truly enjoy that many times using very simple techniques or clarifying uncertainties we can reach tangible successes.

Gyöngyi Nagy

I have competed for almost 10 years as a long distance and OCR runner. The result that I am most proud of is my Pitztal Marathon victory (2014), and also my 4th place on the 2008 Budapest Marathon, which is my best time recorded on this distance (3:03:13). The challenges of long distance and obstacle running have taught me how to put in practice the various techniques I have learnt by experience and how to develop my mental toughness. I am happy to share these experiences in my praxis with my athletes and now through the development of this app.

Why did we develop SportMind app?

With the mental training audio files in our app, we teach you how to use basic techniques, that guide you through your daily challenges or help you in your preparations for competitions.

Motivation – How to formulate and keep your targets in focus? How to bring out the best of you during your trainings and competitions? How to maintain your motivation through the monotonous and uneventful weekdays? How to develop your mental skills day after day?

Concentration – We present several techniques that help you to maintain your concentration. We show you how to block the distracting stimuli, how to direct your attention into the proper direction, and how to maintain your focus for long time.

Imagination – One of the strongest weapons of an athlete. We show you how to use the power of your mind in order to bring out the best in you. You will learn the techniques step by step.

Relaxation and Regeneration – You can learn techniques that help you to loosen up, to reduce your anxiety level, or to facilitate your regeneration after trainings and competitions. Remember: if you cannot fully relax, you cannot fully push yourself either.

Preparation for Competitions – Training hard is not enough, if you do not prepare yourself mentally as well. We guide you step by step through your race strategy preparation, boosting your confidence, creating your optimal race attitude. How should you reach the state called “in the zone” or “flow”?