As an athlete you work from day to day to reach your best. Your training plan, your diet, but even your rest time are determined by sport. You have only one target: to bring the best out in yourself.
In these days is obvious, that the sport performance depends not only on the physical, but on the mental preparation as well. Confidence, concentration, stamina, adequate goal setting are necessary to be the best in your field.
Our audio files database is constantly upgraded. Currently you will find mental training audios regarding motivation, concentration skills, regeneration techniques or you can get an insight of imagery exercises. Moreover, we can guide you through your mental preparation for your competitions.

Although the mental preparation supported by a sport psychologist can be very helpful, it is not available for everyone due to several different reasons. The SportMind app offers alternative solution for those who cannot benefit from this kind of assistance. In this app you find audio files developed by sport psychologists targeting different aspects of your mental preparation. They offer the possibility to develop your concentration skills, to boost your confidence and awareness, to analyse and enhance your performance, or to get more motivated for the physical trainings.

Although SportMind App provides useful assistance in your mental preparation, it cannot deal with serious mental issues. In case you observe the following conditions, please contact a clinical psychologist or seek for other professional help:
Paralyzing fear, anxiety or panic attacks
Systematic failures that you simply cannot correct
Overtraining, burn-out syndrome
Loss of motivation due to sport injuries, depression
Career counselling, or closure of a sport career
Conflicts with your trainer or teammates
Conflicts between your sport and private life
If you are dealing with mental issues, or you already attend a psychologist, please consult with him or her regarding the use of SportMind App.

Sport psychologist is a professional who has a Master Degree in Psychology, then has graduated a course of Sport Psychology. Some clinical psychologists or psychotherapists have also specialized in Sport Psychology. Clinical psychologist is a professional with Master Degree in Psychology who has specialization in Clinical Psychology. Psychotherapists are clinical psychologists with a specialization in one therapeutical method.

Mental training is like physical training. We show you the technique, but you have to put the work in it. Mental preparation needs constant training as well. However, you do not need more than 10 minutes per day to progress. You will see soon where it takes you to be mentally present at all times.

The audios in SportMind App are not specific to any type of sport. In the description of the different trainings you can find when is recommended to be listened to: before your physical trainings, during training, in your recovery time or right before competition.
It might be useful to listen to all the trainings in advance, this way you can decide when you can benefit the most from them.
Use the audio trainings with flexibility, adapting the techniques and situations to the specifics of your sport.

You can either choose BASIC or PRO pack. BASIC pack includes approx 15 audios in different categories, PRO pack enables you to reach another 15 new audios. The latter are mainly focused on issues regarding competition. Moreover, you can reach Diary function in the PRO pack, where you can register the circumstances of your trainings and competitions as well as your actual mental status or mood, so that you can analyse your performance more consciously.

In our app you can reach 5-15 minutes-long audio recordings regarding mental training. You can also find various Guided runs in several categories. We divided our audios in two packs: BASIC and PRO. Subscribing to PRO pack, you can also reach the Diary function, where you can save your daily mood and performance, so you can analyse your work more consciously.
Additionally, you can record your own audio files in regards to the following: how you feel after a successful sport event, how would you motivate yourself when you dead-lock or record some useful consequences for yourself after a certain training session.

Turning on the Reminder in the Settings, you can remind yourself to use the app. You can set it to your preferred time to receive a notification to fill in the Diary or to listen to one of the mental training audios.

We send you a notification if we want to share some important news with you, for example if we upload a new audio.

Recording works like a normal audio recorder: push the big record button and start talking. You can record maximum 10 minutes – if you want to make a longer audio, we suggest you to do it in split parts. When you finished, stop recording and save the file, or start over. You can listen to your own recordings later in the app.

In the Diary you can save your daily mood, level of motivation and exhaustion. You can also add further notes. With these data you can analyse your progress of preparation, find connection between your daily state of mind and performance.

You can find out more about Gyöngyi Nagy and Luca Michaletzy sport psychologists in the About us section. You can also reach them via Contact section, if you have further questions!