Privacy Policy

SportMind App Ltd. considers the protection of the personal data provided by the Users of the SportMind phone application (hereinafter SportMind App) its top priority and recognizes their rights to informational self-determination.
SportMind App is committed to manage its Users data in such way that fully complies with the applicable laws and regulations, contributing to their completely safe Internet access/browsing.
During the development of this policy, we have taken into consideration the relevant existing legislation and the key recommendations, in particular the following:

The act LXIII. of 1992 on the protection of personal date and the publicity of the data of public interest;
The act VI. of 1998 of the convention of January 28, 1981 in Strasbourg for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data;
Act CVIII. of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services
The Association of Hungarian Content Providers concerning for Content Services operating, ethical and procedural rules, with particular regard to personal data and Annex 2 on the management and protection of information;
Code of Content Providing; Regulation of operations, ethics, and procedures with respect to content providing, issued by the Hungarian Association of Content Providers, with particular regard to Appendix No. 2. In relation to Declaration of Data Protection on the treatment and protection of personal data and information.
Recommendations of the Data Protection Commissioner.

If anyone of this website’s visitors have further questions or remarks in addition to the Terms covered in this Policy, respectively if they wish to comment on anything, that based on this document is not completely clear for them and they would need further explanation, please get in touch with the contact person designated to ensure your personal data protection.

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Personal data can only be managed with the consent of the concerned or if it is required by law. Regulations in relation to data management and the protection of users’ personal data are applicable only to natural persons, as personal data may be interpreted only in relation to natural persons, therefore this present regulation is legally binding exclusively in case of personal data management of natural persons.
Key principles for personal data management:
Personal data can only be managed for a specific purpose or in the interest of exercising rights and fulfilling obligations. Data management must have its purpose at every stage. During the data management process, only personal data that is essential for achieving the goal can be managed. Data management can only take place to the extent and for the period of time necessary to achieve the goal. Personal data – in the absence of a statutory requirement – only with the consent of the user can be managed.

Data protection

The voluntary or the mandatory aspect/nature of data provision must be determined before the data collection.
The data storage has to be carried out in a safe manner according to the purpose and the timeframe of the data management. The data controller has to ensure data safety and has to take the necessary technical and organisational measures, to develop rules of procedure, which are needed for the enforcement of the relevant legal provisions. The data must be protected, particularly from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, erasure, or respectively from injury or destruction.
The user can request information or check the content of his/her data anytime during the data management process, or based on requirement, he/she can ask for his/her data correction, rectification, modification or deletion. The user can modify or revoke his/her consent to data management any time.
The data processing is done automatically. By fulfilling the purpose of data management, simultaneously the deletion of the data must be carried out in accordance with the legal requirements. The data can only be transmitted and various data processes can only be linked together if the user has given his/her consent to this previously or if it is permitted legally, and if the terms of data management are materialized/realised for every single personal data. Personal data recording and management have to be fair, legitimate, accurate, complete, and if necessary, must be current, and the method of data storage must be suited for the identification of the concerned for the time necessary for the purpose of storage.

The controller is managing the name and password specified by the user and the data through which these become available (for ex. E-mail addresses) in the most prudent, strict and confidential way so that these data cannot be accessible for an unauthorized person. These data are strictly used for the purpose pre-approved by the user; and by no means are handed over to a third party without the prior written approval of the user, except as expressly permitted by law. The voluntary contribution of the user is the legal basis for data management.

Purpose of data processing

Data processing serves as a point of contact and connection between the user and the controller. Making a note of the date and the type of the browser as well as of the operating system serves statistical purposes only. The controller cannot use personal information for any other purpose than the stated one. Data processing is happening with the voluntary consent of the user. All details and facts in relation to the SportMind App users are handled with confidentiality and with the exclusive purpose of service development, making research or producing statistics. Any publications of these statements can only be made in a form that cannot identify the user.

Rights of actions and remedies

Any user who feels that the SportMind App has violated his/her rights to personal data protection can expressly reserve his/her rights of actions and remedies and in particular the right to bring an action before the Civil Court, or request assistance from the Data Protection Commissioner.
LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest
Law contains detailed legal provisions regarding the obligations of the controller.